Lula Brink, Bio Rewrite

Lula needed her bio written for an upcoming speaking event. Using bits of information from her website,, I created the following:

We all have purpose in this life; a heart path that guides us toward our full potential. Some people are able to find that path while they’re young, and are able to stay on that path, living full and happy lives to the end. For others, finding your heart path is more difficult. Traumatic and emotional experiences — such as the loss of a loved one, financial struggle or poor health — has left you surrounded by the dark haze of negative energy, and you can’t seem to find your way.

Lula is a spiritual healer, and a guide for those who have lost their way in this life. Through unconditional love and compassion, Lula uses her healing talents to clear the emotional and physical barriers keeping people from finding and following their heart path.

Long before she dedicated herself to guiding and healing the hearts of others, Lula was subjected to a lifetime of her own painful trials. At the age of five, Lula lost her father in a tragic automobile accident; and the majority of Lula’s young-adult life was spent caring for her five children, three of which were diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis — a genetic and terminal illness. With the tragic death of each child, Lula’s life changed. Thirty-plus years of caregiving had taught her proficiency in countless medical treatments, preparing her for a future career in healing. Her suffering led to discovery — the discovery of her true self — and so she began her journey into the world of service and love.

With Lula’s gentle presence, you will gain the strength to take those first uncertain steps to finding your heart path. Lula’s healing abilities will shine a light into the darkness that surrounds you and replace your despair with hope. The path will open before you, unlocking your heart and your mind to the discovery of your true self.

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