Melissa Searcy, Bio Rewrite

Not too long ago, Melissa Searcy found herself divided, trying to balance her career and full-time job in corporate advertising with being a mother and raising a young family at home. In her efforts to achieve a balanced, organized lifestyle, Melissa created Lulagrace Interiors, a company that promotes simplicity and stability in our lives and in our homes.

Melissa is a professional organizer and staging expert, specializing in home interiors. She has a passion for speaking and teaching about the therapeutic properties of home organization and the positive effects it can have on our everyday lives. As owner of Lulagrace Interiors, Melissa has been invited to speak at a number of diverse venues, and has helped many individuals manage their priorities and achieve a higher level of balance and organization in their homes and lifestyles.

Melissa is also a NARHA Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. Her time spent with the magnificent horses and people involved in these therapy programs have afforded her a unique set of skills and personal experiences that give her a deeper understanding of the importance of simplifying our lives and managing our priorities.

“Many of us today lead extremely busy lives; the house tends to be the first thing that gets put on the backburner. Our sanctuary that has to function as a moving assembly line can often times take the direct hit when we mismanage our priorities.” — Melissa

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