Tools for Automotive Dealers to Build Customer Loyalty

Drawing on a long career in automotive sales and marketing, Bethany Johnson serves as the performance manager of Cox Automotive in Atlanta, Georgia. Working with her Georgia customer base, Bethany Johnson excels in converting one-time buyers into repeat customers.

Making a first-time sale costs seven times more in marketing expenses than selling to a repeat customer. One survey states that a completely satisfied customer is four times more likely to buy another car from the same dealer than a dissatisfied buyer.

One of the most effective ways to retain customers is a dealer loyalty program. Methods such as offering discounts on parts and maintenance are inexpensive but effective. So is offering rewards points to users of mobile apps.

Service plans are a second draw, providing an automatic revenue stream while relieving owners of maintenance worries. When backed by excellent customer service, these programs offer good reasons for return visits.

One challenging strategy is changing allegiance to a particular brand. Targeted advertising can expose customers to the benefits of your rewards and service plans.