Homework # 1

Good writing involves is something that takes time to cultivate. Good writers take time and dedication to create. Writing that is good and trans formative often takes a writers entire life to create. Writing well is a moving target.

Good writing involves dedication and time. Good writing involves taking time and creating an undeniable voice within the piece of writing. A voice lets the audience know the writer cares enough to put their own spin on the topic. A voice shows who the person is as an author.

Good writing also often involves research so the writer understands what they are writing about. A the writer who understands the topic writes a piece that they are invested in and care about.

Good writing changes how a reader sees thinks and feels about a topic. It changes opinions and how people see the world around them. Good writing makes a reader stop and think about what it is they just read, makes them think about how it applies to their life and perhaps all lives.

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