1. Who? Members of Hattiesburg Board of Education, Assistant superintendent Max Hommefdorfer

What? School board meeting

When? This morning


Why? New dress code rules, cheaper milk


The Hattiesburg board of education recently met to discuss a number of factors affecting the schools today.

The School Board members, and Assistant Superintendent Max Hommefdorfer discussed a drop in school enrollment, a new dress code for the schools and a new milk provider for school lunches.

2. Who? Associate professor rural sociology (John Dunmont) Associate professor English George Johnson both from backwater state university

What? Both on jet that crashed at takeoff Kennedy, both survived crash

Where? Kennedy international airport

When? Thursday night

Why? unknown


Two professors from Backwater State University were involved in a crash Thursday night at Kennedy International Airport.

John Dunmont, associate professor of English, and George Johnson associate professor of rural sociology, both survived a crash as takeoff.

3. Who? Author Norman Meeman winner of Pulitzer prize

What? Gave speech to English students

Where? William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library

When? 4:30 Sunday

Why? Inspire great writers, criticize English classes


A Pulitzer Prize winning author gave a speech to prospective writers Sunday afternoon at the Willaim Oxley Thomson Memorial Library.

Norman Meeman highlighted the importance of including the human condition in writing.

4. Who? Freedom Foundation of Valley Forge

What? Anounced annual George Washington Honor Medal Winners

Where? Ceremony in Pennsylvania

When? Last week



The Freedom Foundation of Valley Forge anounced the annual George Washington Honor Medal Winners.

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