Hello, and Welcome to The Content Corp. We are a group of professionals concentrated on helping business people communicate with their customers, and their markets, in an authentic, transparent and helpful way. Our team works with leaders to decide communication strategies, and support them in producing stories, and other content, from ideation to publication. We also assist with social media sharing programs for maximum impact, reach and scope. We help businesses create communication programs that drive change and show results. For our last client, we produced 100 stories, and reached 6.5 million new readers, in 6 months, using no paid media. What could we do for you?

The Times They are A-Changin’

Let’s face it — demographics are changing. And the way new generations of customers want to communicate is changing too. Modern buyers don’t want to be sold to by brands — they want to have a meaningful interaction with a peer they can trust, and whose insights can help them make the best decisions for themselves. To meet these new demands, professionals will have to commit to dynamic interaction with their constituencies, which means consistent production and sharing of quality content. But how to get started?

A Content Forward World

Please read, Commerce in a Content Forward World, and learn first hand how demographic evolution is changing the stage for marketing and sales — forever. The Content Corp is proud of our record, and pleased to be able to offer support to clients from strategic planning, to content development and through to social media sharing.

No matter what the channel or output, from articles and blogs to video or podcast — The Content Corp is ready to help you hit the ground running in 2020. Please read our stuff — and check out our site to get an idea of the great stories we produce for our clients — from technology to business, start-ups to world politics, profiles to business launches — and of course full coverage of the future of content marketing.

You know you have things you want to say. You know you have ideas and observations that would help other people. But do you have any idea how authentic, and impactful, stories about you, and your company, can positively affect and grow your business? How telling stories with, and about, your employees can turn staff to ’team’? How storytelling will become a core competency needed for success in a content laden world? Time to find out what storytelling can do for you — your business — your team. Technology is finally offering us the chance to be in active conversation with our customers. Let’s grab it! Call The Content Corp today.

Bethel M. Desmond, Founder

(917) 414–1611



Chief Storyteller, Fascinated by Strategy, Content, Storytelling — and the Future of Business.

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