FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The O’Rourke Family Visit to St. Ansgar

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Oct 18, 2019 · 4 min read

Last week our organizer Grace held a community meeting in Charles City with several community members to discuss gun violence and the election. During the meeting an awesome mother-daughter duo committed to caucus for Beto (!) because they believe in his gun reform plan and his ability to unite this country and defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

Sue and Johanna signed their commit to caucus cards for Beto!

They first heard Beto speak in early July when the whole O’Rourke family — Beto, his wife Amy, and their children Henry (8), Molly (11), and Ulysses (12) — attended a house party in the small rural town of St. Ansgar. (Big thank you to Paula and Kurt Meyer for hosting in their beautiful home!)

In honor of Sue and Johanna committing to caucus for Beto, we thought we’d take a blast to the past and re-visit the O’Rourke family trip to St. Ansgar in Mitchell County!

On their first family trip to Iowa in early July, the O’Rourkes took an RV around the state. On their way up to St. Ansgar from Marshalltown (Beto toured the Iowa Veterans Home earlier in the day), they played Candy Land and ate their first-ever Maid-Rite Sandwiches.

The O’Rourkes arrived to a packed house and had a great discussion about heath care, immigration, public education, and ensuring we fix our democracy by ending gerrymandering, banning PACs, and expanding voting rights.

Beto’s final question of the event was about what he would do about “all of the bought politics” — the corrupting and influence money has on our elections and our elected officials in office. This is an important question that Beto is deeply committed to. Read his answer:

There’s a reason that by law we don’t use the leverage we have in medicare to drive down those prices. It is because of the pharmaceutical companies who can buy not just access and influence, but outcomes in elections and legislation.

Our campaign does not take a dime from any political action committee, does not accept support from lobbyists or corporations or special interests. You asked what we would do in our administration? I would ensure that we reform our election laws so that candidates for federal office and federal officeholders cannot accept PAC contributions, that they are forced to rely on the people they represent and serve their constituents for their guidance and direction and their marching orders.

I’m also proposing term limits for members of Congress so that we renew those institutions and they reflect the diversity and genius of this country. There’s no reason any member of Congress should serve for four or five or six decades, which has been the case in Congress so far. I think that kind of turnover, that faith in one another, the inability for corporations to buy into the process allows us to begin making laws that favor people instead of corporations, people instead of special interests, people instead of lobbyists.

Check out live footage of Beto answering questions from folks in St. Ansgar:

We’ll end this post the way Beto ended his remarks in St. Ansgar:

Lastly, I would really love to have your help in this election. I ask that you consider caucusing for us and making that commitment here today. We would love to have you on this team.

SO, if you are ready to commit to caucus for Beto or you just want to learn more from an organizer in your region, click this link to sign up and get connected with the campaign!

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