An Open Letter on Climate to Texas

Dear Texas:

We need state representatives who bring clean energy jobs to Texas — and tackle climate change at the same time.

Three things have become clear:

  1. Texans are worried about climate change and want to see government action.
  2. Communities of color and low-income communities already bear the burden of environmental pollution — and will be hit hardest by a failure to solve the climate crisis.
  3. Climate solutions will revitalize our economy. …

You mean, there’s a place you can go for food?

I was talking to the El Paso food bank CEO Susan Goodell this morning. She told me about an experience she’d had at a Walgreens earlier this week.

“The cashier asked me why I was buying so much sunscreen. I explained that it was for our volunteers who are out in the sun distributing groceries at the food bank. And she said, ‘You mean, there’s a place you can go to for food?’”

It turns out that the cashier is the only one in her family of seven who has a job, and on that one meager income (a starting cashier makes $10/hr) is unable to make ends meet. …

Best I’ve felt since we’ve been sheltering in place and keeping our social distance was today, volunteering at the food bank in El Paso.

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger serves a three-county area of more than a million residents. And, as you can imagine, it is overwhelmed right now with demand for food. They are serving far more than the 200,000 people that are typically food insecure in our region.

As food servers, bartenders, small business owners, retail employees and many others find themselves out of work, they are no longer able to make ends meet and are now dependent on our food bank to feed themselves and their families. …

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