Our apologies for this late update, didn’t want to disturb you with not the best news. Almost 1.5 years ago, Betrium launched its first token sale and since that time, have not stopped working on the project. However, it must be said that since November and with the current rate of ETH, we spent over 200 ETH more than has been raised just to support the project at a minimum level. Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky/smart enough to change most of the Ether when it was $1000 or $400 even, as no one could foresee its future price.

Betrium has tried to do its best with it’s resources, but currently can’t afford to continue a full development. We have tried to find partners, sponsors, b2b customers, clients for the white label and looked at other avenues also. We launched some markets such as MLB to test our platform. To date, we have developed a betting exchange as well as a sportsbook, a platform for custom events on betting exchange, API for developers and third parties, a modern mobile interface for the betting exchange, as well as mobile applications for the sportsbook. That complex of software is currently our main asset, which definitely have a value in long-term. Needless to say, we have not stopped moving forward.

Anyway, we are going to launch some popular markets on our exchange in spring-summer this year. We’re going to make a public poll to pick the most interesting ones.

Betrium is still alive and the management looks for any possible ways of further evolution, but we don’t have the resources to post big public updates that everyone would like to see. It was hard to survive during this huge crypto market crisis, in addition to the current difficulty of the gambling market — people are selling their crypto, exchanges don’t have enough liquidity and currently investors aren’t interested in the industry at all. To achieve the desired goals, we would need to make a «pivot» and raise additional funds.

Please note, Betrium is on the same boat as any investors in the project. Each member of Betrium invested their soul and resources into the project and are just as hopeful of its success as anyone else. Some people spent over 2 years of their life working on this project. We don’t want anyone to feel deceived or misled.

The team is always open to any of your ideas and business inquires. Or if you have any questions you can address us at info@betrium.co.

Thank you.

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