How Wi-Fi Advertising Can Help Real Estate Home Sales

Real Estate home sales are at an all time low. Foreclosures are at an all time high. Real Estate agents have more listings on their hands then ever before.

How do you get an edge on your competition in a highly competitive real estate market?

The answer is simple — Technology!

Let me give you an example:

When I was looking for a new home in Florida, I searched on the internet for homes and real estate agents in my desired area. I chose 7–8 homes to look at over the weekend and hit the road early in the morning. I didn’t want to call a realtor until after I had seen the homes and the surrounding areas so I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time.

Every home that we saw that day had a plastic bin on the sign, most of which were illegible from recent storms and the ones that were legible, had poor quality photos of the interior. A couple of the plastic bins were empty and had no brochures at all. Regardless, we walked around each home and peeked in the windows. Needless to say, I couldn’t see much and my wife is too short to have peeked in some of the windows. Our weekend of viewing homes was mostly a waste of time.

The Real Estate industry needs something better than a plastic bin or a talking sign to showcase homes that are for sale. Something that immediately engages the customer during their first visit to the property and provides information instantly, at the touch of a button.

Of course there are the new “QR” codes that could be used to provide information about the property but the customer needs to download an app first to be able to use QR Codes. Ever try to download a 200k app out in a rural area? Not fun.

#SocialWIfi for #RealState

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