Like for Access: 3 Benefits of Social WiFi in Hotels


To the savvy traveller, few things rival the importance of staying connected — to stay in touch with family, share their adventures live with friends, or keep tabs on work. Good Internet connectivity will always be one of the first things travellers look for abroad, sometimes even before comfort.

And it better be free — people now expect that as a basic right.

So why wouldn’t they bunk down at a place that provides that for just a Facebook like? Or a check-in? Or a Twitter follow?

As a hotelier, you have three good reasons to offer WiFi through social media authentication.

It Makes Guest Logins Easy

Most travellers use social media frequently anyway — it makes perfect sense to ride on their habits. When access to your network at no charge is just a screen tap or a mouse click away, and on an interface they already know well, they are naturally more inclined to take your offer.

But of course, from the hotel’s point of view, interaction with the customer doesn’t end there. To get guests to pay for more bandwidth, you have to, in the words of Seth Godin, provide something ‘better than free’. Which means quality of service.

The next big no-no for guests, after no WiFi, is slow WiFi. Not all will use your bandwidth just for Facebooking and Google searches — you must prepare for video streaming and other rich media activities, which bog down the network. Keep bandwidth hoggers down by setting time or capacity limits on free access, and throttling too-heavy traffic.

This helps ensure all your guests get an optimal WiFi experience while letting them know that YouTube binges and massive downloads come with a price. It all begins with the login experience — capturing guests with a familiar process instead of forcing them to key in 20-digit passwords on paper slips. #Wifi Advertising #SocialWifi for #hotels

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