Q&A(DR) with Chloe Ouyang

Welcome to part 2 of our Q&A(DR) series! This month, we spoke with Chloe Ouyang, one of the regional managers on the account development team. Chloe talked to us about her professional growth at BetterCloud, what it takes to be a manager, and the role emojis play in her job.

What does your role entail?

So my role entails full-time managing. When I was on the account development representative team, I used to do the call prospecting and cold calling myself as an individual performer. But now as a manager, that’s really my full-time scope of responsibilities so my role is all about making sure my team has what they need to succeed as account development representatives. That’s really everything from providing feedback for emails and phone calls, as well as finding new accounts. Really doing whatever it takes to make sure my team gets their numbers because their success is my success.

You’ve only been at BetterCloud for just over a year and a half, but you’ve had three promotions in that time. Could you walk us through your career progression here?

I started at BetterCloud as an account development representative at the end of July 2017. I spent about a year in the role. During that time I got to work both segments — both the smaller accounts, which are known as our corporate team, and then our larger accounts. And then after about a year, I had an opportunity to move into a manager position because our team was growing really quickly and growing to the point where we needed a little bit more structure in place. It seemed like a great opportunity for me to use some of my past leadership skills in a different kind of role. I’ve been a manager ever since. I have really been enjoying the challenges of trying to help my team without doing the role for them, but also using a lot of my prior skills, having been on the team, as well as really empathizing with them and knowing that I’m there to cheer them on along the way, and making sure that they can hit their numbers as well as succeed month over month.

What accomplishment at BetterCloud are you proudest of?

I think I’ve really got to pride myself in my career progression here. I feel really lucky to be a part of a company and a team that really celebrates professional growth as well as personal and professional development. Our director Rich always says that it takes skills, results, and attitude to get promoted here and that’s something that I always think about when being a champion for my team and trying to help them grow personally as well.

Can you explain the role emojis play in your job?

Emojis play a really big role in my role, as well as our team. My philosophy as a manager is really about celebrating small wins when it comes to the role, because it takes a lot of day in and day out grinding, hitting your metrics, hitting your email metrics, your calls, so I want to make sure my team is recognized for every small accomplishment they have and every meeting counts a lot. Every time a meeting pushes through our Slack channel, I make sure to put a lot of emojis on there, kind of as a celebration and as recognition for them knowing that they worked really hard to get there. I think it’s a really fun way to celebrate each other and kind of show off each person’s personalities or what they like.

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