The world of inter-office communication is changing rapidly.

For many an IT guru who wants to maintain good relations while also ensuring they are doing their job right, it can be confusing and daunting. But forming the human connection is just as important a part of a successful IT organization…

This is my candid story about working in IT at a fast-growing startup.

It’s about the challenges of scaling (and how BetterCloud helped set us up for success). But it’s also a tale of personal growth, self-reflection, ironic twists, and unexpected turns.

Wrangling SaaS at a fast-growing startup: like “the Wild West”

When I first joined my organization, we were…

By Megan Bozman

As U.S. unemployment claims soar to 22 million, there’s been an unprecedented spike in layoffs and furloughs across nearly every industry.

Offboarding is a tough conversation to have right now. We know. No one wants to talk about it. But it’s IT’s responsibility to do it completely…

By David Politis

Every single day, thousands of mission-critical workflows are running on BetterCloud. It’s pretty amazing to know that thousands of customers trust us to manage and secure their digital workplaces.

But now more than ever, our customers are leaning on BetterCloud.

With layoffs and furloughs happening at an…

By Megan Bozman

BetterCloud Founder and CEO David Politis presented a breakout session during Oktane20 Live, Okta’s virtual identity conference. The session, “SaaSOps: A Practice to Discover, Manage & Secure Your SaaS Apps,” which was presented on April 2, focused on the evolution of SaaSOps and the main pillars of…

By Natalie Robb

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that at every second around the clock, IT has to manage and secure all of the enterprise’s growing number of SaaS applications. And for each of those SaaS applications, IT also has to manage their users and files and…

By Kim Solow

The lines between home and work life are blurring these days. As more and more people are working from home, we had a theory that employees might be taking actions to streamline their work life — actions that don’t necessarily take your company’s security into account.


By Rose Layton


Whether you’re in a SaaS-powered workplace or just dipping your toes into cloud software as you shift to a remote workforce, one thing is immediately clear: There are so many options out there.

Sometimes, choosing a new SaaS tool means combing through lists of dozens (dozens!) of…

By Devin Domingo and Dan Gualtieri

As IT teams begin moving their workforce offsite, we are seeing an unprecedented shift in where employees are conducting their business. Employees now find themselves working from home or remote locations and relying on the flexibility of SaaS applications now more than ever.


By Megan Bozman

Sometimes, it takes a community.

As fully remote workforces become the new normal, IT is facing new unexpected challenges. How do you empower end users to be productive (and secure)? How do you keep everybody updated? And logistically, how do you provide physical laptop inventory?

We recently…


Musings from the @BetterCloud team on tech, business, and the modern workplace.

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