New sparkling entries in the Lab–grown diamonds market

Lab-grown Diamonds — Nov 15, 2016

[Image Courtesy: Diamonna]
Two new Lab-grown diamond brands launch — ‘DIAMONNA’ by Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry and ‘Return to Love’ collection by Liberti Diamonds

New Lab-grown diamond brand ‘DIAMONNA’ launched

With more and more people getting environmentally conscious, it is no longer a secret that diamond jewelers are jumping the bandwagon to sell Lab–grown diamonds. With a great experience in Lab–grown diamonds distribution, Oregon based company — Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry now has invested in advanced research and development in Lab–grown diamonds and launched its own new brand — DIAMONNA™

[Image Courtesy: Diamonna, Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry]

The diamonds under this brand are of VVS1 — VVS2 clarity, E, F or H, I in color as per the popular demand and have finest polish and symmetry. DIMONNA scores over mined diamonds on all parameters including price and positions itself as a favored choice. The company has been maintaining a reputation for high-quality mined diamonds and its service for over 30 years. Few years ago it observed the shift in the consumer buying preferences towards Lab–grown diamonds and aligned itself with this shift in quite a short period of time.

[Image Courtesy: Diamonna]

Ron Hansen, Vice President of operations of Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry says, “We’re very excited about the launch of DIAMONNA™ because we know it represents a special brand, exclusive to many others in this space in which we have a great deal of first-hand knowledge and expertise. We’re so confident in the sheer beauty and quality of our product that we are offering a warranty to buyers that is second to none.”

The company is also giving lifetime replacement warranty for its brand products for half the value. While contributing to the alternative industry, which is proud to be ethical, environmentally friendly and socially responsible, DIAMONNA also makes a difference in the lives of communities of war-hit Africa. It has partnered with ‘Food For The Hungry’, in doing so.

‘Return To Love’ line of Lab-grown diamond jewelry by Liberti Diamonds

A Colorado based lifestyle jewelry brand — Liberti Diamonds has been helping refugees to resettle by providing them training in jewelry making and thus a liveable income. Founded in 2015, it believes in creating exquisite jewelry with meaningful impact. Founder Pamela Norton — Shelpuk has taken one step forward in her persuasion of socially conscious jewelry making passion.

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Liberti Diamonds has launched a new product line — ‘Return to Love’. It is the third product line of the eco-fashion brand and first of its kind — Conflict free, Lab–created. The line features nine gold and silver pieces made using Lab — grown diamonds. Its designs, fluid lines and heart shapes share connection with refugees and symbolize America’s ideals — to breath freely, live freely and love freely. Founder Pamela says, “In line with our passion and ethos, Liberti is devoted to cultivating a more compassionate, transparent and sustainable jewelry company”.

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