We talk to a lot of nonprofits.

We recognize is that donor recognition can feel a lot more like a chore than the incredible opportunity it is. Why? Because it takes time and a bit of money to make great donor recognition. Two resources that we understand are in short supply for fundraising teams.

Typically, fundraisers will wait until the end of the project/funding cycle/fiscal to get a donor wall created. At that point, there’s not as much motivation — the funds are already in, the donors gave, so it feels more like an expense than a tool. The result is donor recognition that fails to reach its potential, and can even feel tacked-on or like an afterthought.

What if we flipped this cycle on its head, and started treating donor recognition like the selling tool it can be?

Instead of tacking donor recognition onto the end of a project cycle, let your team got a small section started, to show potential donors what you were planning to thank and recognize them. We’ve brought this approach to

Imagine walking a prospective donor to your partially-completed wall and showing them the plan? Would seeing that impact them? Most likely. They’d get to see those that have already committed early to the project, which in turn makes potential donors inspired to give. Social proof is a powerful tool.

At BetterGiving, we’re always happy to work on projects in stages, and come up with flexible build and schedule options for rollout that work for our partners, their teams, and their budgets. Give Bryce Lokken a call to discuss your recognition. We’re here to help.


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