I Have a Dream Foundation’s Week of #BMRTakeovers: Hannah Olaniyi, Grade 10

By: Hannah Olaniyi

This week we are highlighting students from the I Have a Dream Foundation, from middle school to college! Each young person has reflected on why school matters to them and will be sharing their story across our social media platforms. #BetterMakeRoom

Hannah shares her goals for the school year and words of wisdom for her fellow students:

“Have a dream — make sure your dream is something that you want.”

Hannah’s #WednesdayWisdom:

I always try to stay true to myself. This is very key because people often let others make decisions for them, which can result in doing something that will make you unhappy. Do what feels right and is good for you!

Also, take one minute everyday just to think about life. Understand that there is so much more than us, that there is something greater out there in the world that each and every one of us is a part of. You will realize there are many things going on around us that people barely notice. For example, every second of every day a baby is born, someone just found out they have cancer, somebody’s birthday is today, as we take a breath someone loses theirs’. By realizing these things are occurring around us it will help us appreciate that life is so precious. Even when you’re having a bad day or things may not be going the way you would like, it’s all going to be okay.

Hannah’s favorite quote:

I have many quotes that inspire me but one of the main phrases that I carry with me every single day is “you are beautiful, one of a kind, smile more,” by Roman Atwood. This quote matters to me because by smiling I am sending positivity to the people around me. It reminds me that I am one of a kind, and I don’t need to change myself to fit society.

Hannah is energetic, ambitious, determined, funny, smart and a very kind young person with wisdom beyond her years. Hannah is our appointed Dreamer therapist. She has this natural ability to see past the madness and move towards resolve. Hannah’s interests include basketball, baseball, soccer, community service, chess, tech club, and choir. She loves to keep busy while being a team player. Hannah would like to become a singer and write music — but first, she wants to continue bettering herself and improving her confidence as she works towards completing High School!