Launching our Design for Good Sweepstakes!

Today we’re excited to announce, in celebration of our two year anniversary, our #DesignforGood sweepstakes in partnership with Zazzle. Students, we’ll have #artists and #designers from around the country take YOUR words and bring them to life, launching the #BetterMakeRoom Zazzle store. The results are cool — way cool. For the next three weeks, you have the chance to win one of 50 sets of Design for Good shirts created by these designers and #students like YOU.

Here’s how it works:

1. STUDENTS, go to our @BetterMakeRoom Instagram account:
2. Like our last post
2. Tag a friend
3. Head to and submit your “I will…” statement. Make sure to submit your first and last names and email! (How else will we tell you if you won?!)

This contest runs from October 19 — November 9. Fifty complete entries will be selected at random and will win the grand prize: a set of 13 shirts you’ll see throughout these three weeks! And all the proceeds made will go towards a Better Make Room scholarship! Good Luck! We will announce the winners in a post when they have been chosen. 🎉🎉🎉