So *full disclosure* up until 6 months ago I worked for one of these ‘opportunity companies’. I toiled away day and night trying to climb up the greasy pole that is MLM…until I accidentally stumbled into a group which uncovered a lot of information about these companies. It made me wake up to what is really going on behind the glitz & glamour of these ‘business owners’. Certain newspapers such as The Sunday Times have also started to wake up to what is really going on & I thought it best to strike whilst the iron is still hot so to speak.

Recently began seeing this on Facebook. It’s become quite a popular passive aggressive status that lots of MLM-ers seem keen to share.

MLMers sure do love their passive aggressive posts. You aren’t allowed to get angry in MLM…you are selling a lifestyle…and remember…it’s FABULOUS!!

So let’s crack on & debunk the theory shall we…

Status **with edits**

“Love this so had to share 😍

If your friend sells Younique, try it!

If your friend sells juice plus, try it!

If your friend sells Scentsy, try it!

If your friend sells Forever, try it!

If your friend sells Kleeneze, try it!

If your friend sells It works, try it!

If your friend sells NuSkin, try it!

If your friend works for the opportunity company, try it!

Moral of the story, if my friend owned a restaurant… Guess what, I would eat there! If a friend of mine owned a bakery, I would go there! If one of my friends owned a dance studio, I would have my child take lessons there.

**Firstly myself & the majority of decent human beings have no issue supporting REAL businesses, founded out of blood, sweat and tears and not just a fancy Business Box. It’s quite disturbing to even class an MLM in the same category as a proper sole trader/small business…but this isn’t your fault…by this point you have been lured in by all the #bossbabe glittery quotes & fake lifestyles being posted by uplines. Anyway…back to the status…**

So the next time you are walking into a Yankee candle shop, think about your friend who sells Scentsy and how she has a daughter to put through college.

Next time you walk into Debenhams beauty department, think about that Younique presenter who has an 8 month old and is trying to buy a house.

Next time you go to a health shop think about your friend who sells Forever and how he is a struggling student trying to pay his bills.

***So…These are all commonly used guilt inducing tactics to pressure people into buying products they probably don’t either want or need. Multi Level Marketing companies RELY predominantly on either new mums or mums that are in desperate financial strain to peddle their products and sell a lifestyle to others on social media. They sell the idea that you will become a “business owner”. Where do they find the majority of these women? Baby groups/pre natal classes/post delivery suites (YES REALLY) it’s like shooting fish in a barrel!

The term business owner/assistant supervisor/manager/rainbow status bla bla bla is impossible to take seriously. You are required to buy a large portion of the products….whether that be actual product you all of a sudden cannot live without, samples for your product boxes, new launch products that you have to try or trainings aka mindfulness training, seminars, promotion days, rallies etc etc… yeah you get the drift…you don’t own a business, you are a customer.

The reason that all of these women feel they have very little options other than choosing a ‘work from home opportunity’ is because they are treated so appallingly in the workplace at large…why isn’t anyone discussing this? Just have a little think about that for a second.😒😒

I hate to break it to you BUT the majority of these MLM companies have a predominantly MALE CEO board. Quite a few (OK MOST) of whom are against gender equality & same sex marriage. In fact…one CEO (of Mormon religion as are the majority of CEO’s in MLM) who runs a successful American based company even made a large donation to a political campaign in America to try and STOP the legalisation of same sex marriage…..wonder where that donation money came from? Yup…you!

In fact the majority of the profit from these work from home businesses goes straight back into the Mormon church….funding these hate campaigns. Hmm…hate campaigns, discrimination, sexism, gender inequality, white supremacy…liberating right?? I seem to recall a place in history that has gone down as one of the most evil and hateful periods known to man…pretty sure they had some of these ‘values’ (further edit…in no way saying they are on the same scale by any stretch of the imagination)…would you have funded them? Wonder why they leave all of this information out of their initial business presentations? Can’t imagine the slides would look very appealing really 🤔 Ahh well chuck in a free cruise or global rally and all is forgotten yeah?

At the end of the day these big corporations **which you also work for but on a far less fairer scale just in ask you haven’t grasped that terrible fact by now** are going to give absolutely NOTHING back to you **erm you mean aside from sick pay, holiday pay, regular hours, regular income, FREE training and a pension scheme??**, but when you help a small business owner you’re not only helping them but you’re also helping put money back into our economy **and predominantly the Mormon church which fund hate campaigns & want to restrict your freedom to marry who you want…no biggie though…cruise time whoop whoop!!**

Listen…I don’t blame you for wanting to earn extra money…not so long ago I was in the exact same position. I just wish that this information had been given to me before I handed over my hard earned cash & potentially alienated myself from a lot of people. There is no way I would have signed up knowing what I know now. The people that are NOT ‘supporting’ you, aren’t doing it to spite you (in most cases) it maybe because they aren’t comfortable with who you are working for….because like it or not…you ARE working for someone else….& they aren’t as great as they make out to be.

#SupportSmallBusiness #SupportYourFriends

**#SupportREALBusiness #supportequality #fairerworkplaceforwomen #helpyourfriends**

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