Women Need to Date Carpenters Like Men Date Yoga Instructors
Heidi K. Isern

I am a successful, independent, business owner woman. I have never expected a man to take care of me, buy my meals or my drink. Many men demand it and say I’m traditional when starting to date (male ego thing?). Then later in the relationship I’ve ended up paying for everything.

I don’t look for men that have higher status, more money and the like. Yet, the number one thing most people fight about is money. Do they have their personal financial act together? Many of the blue collar men I have dated actually earned more income than the executives I know. Yet, they haven’t budgeted, saved, planned and the like. I don’t think it is shallow to want a partner that has the same money values as you have. It doesn’t have to be more money, just similar money management philosophy. I’ve been too generous with many of these men and it has bitten me. It’s not just woman that want men with money. There are many men out there looking for their sugar momma.

I also think that some men have psychological difficulty accepting a more successful woman. Given that it is a recent transition of more woman with economic success this may take time.

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