Why Traditional School is a Dangerous Place for Black Boys
Lori Gold Patterson

I love your life stories Lori. They make you think. Did you see this situation as racist? Was the white teacher automatically stereotyping?

One of my employee’s sons has ADHD. He is sometimes considered disruptive and a trouble maker in class. It’s really about his anxiety more than any intent. They are pressured to put him on medication instead of finding other methods to deal with it. I can’t help but think years ago before they even diagnosed ADHD they probably just classified it as boys being boys. The parents are finding other methods to teach their son how to calm himself when stress rises. They are doing their best to avoid medication for the time being. Teachers could learn better methods too.

It seems the number one cure is good parenting. To be observant. To help the child over obstacles. Yet, as you say this is a harder option for those working two jobs to make ends meet. Or, as I’ve seen in my dating life, just poor parenting.

It seems like better teacher training might be helpful too. Using methods like your son’s regular teacher did. That was brilliant. It reminds me of leadership training. Even the technique of having everyone put their idea unanimously in a hat would work in a business setting too. This would eliminate any notions we had about a person. Do you think there is a way to teach teachers better so traditional school is a better place?

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