A personal encounter of DDW 2017

Radiax de Bijenkorf window installation by Martens & Visser. Low-tech, high craft, smart use of space and materials.

General trends:

Tumble Pulse: rethinking interaction with smart home products.
Kozie multi-sensory care applications specially developed for demented people.

Here’s my highlights from just 2 days at DDW:

Pragmatic solutions

Hugsy makes the benefits of a parent’s embrace last longer, to provide comfort to babies even when their parents cannot be nearby.
The SEMiLLA Sanitation Hub is a closed wastewater treatment unit, using advanced space technology to convert sanitary wastewater into clean water and nutrients for food production.


Aleksandra Jakuć designs Metal Sounds, exploring different disciplines rooted in design
The Wiggle Kit by studio OWOW is a digital sound-making tool that artists can use as a creative medium

Sensory objects

Wearable technology: Shani Langberg designs Body & Mind, monitoring and moderating the inhale and exhale.
Nienke Helder, Sexual Healing targeting women’s health through sensory pleasure.
Aurore Brard, Moving Memories a set of playful, intuitive tools, that mimic familiar specific movements in cooking, stimulating the senses and encouraging curiosity.
Roxanne Brennen, Dining Toys, re-discovering the experience of eating through a set of playful and sensual tableware inspired by sexuality.

Low-tech, high-craft

Left: 3D printed modular instruments, PRINTSTRUMENT by Kristaps Politis, Middle: paper, one of the oldest materials used to transform performance, Paper Suit by Carlijn Veurink. Right: Yarn used to mimic a digital screen, Flux Rug by Tamara van Roij

Artificial Intelligence





Strategist, designer, and researcher working in digital innovation, strategic foresight, and customer experience.

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Betty Zhang

Betty Zhang

Strategist, designer, and researcher working in digital innovation, strategic foresight, and customer experience.

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