Breaking Through: How to Get New Brands into Retail Channels

What’s the secret to breaking through the retail barrier and getting a product onto store shelves? The process involves quite a bit of research…and begins sooner than you’d think.

Every beverage entrepreneur’s dream is walking into a store to see their product on shelves and flying out the door in customers’ shopping carts. However, a lot goes into getting that product onto those shelves — work that starts before the beverage company even contacts the store in the first place.

It Starts With Brand Creation

For those who think that breaking into retail begins after the product has been designed, produced, and is ready to go: stop and rewind. Getting a product into stores actually, begins at the very beginning of the product creation process.

Packaging is a key part of this process. On a basic level, beverage entrepreneurs talk about what sort of bottle they’ll use, what color it will be, what font or design they’d like to use on the label. However, it’s not enough to design an attention-catching logo and interesting six-pack carton design for a tasty new larger; there’s also a functional side of things that are necessary to consider in order to receive optimal shelf placement (or shelf space at all, period).

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