Explore High Quality Organic Wines by Elusia at USATT

The Elusia line is a selection of high-quality, organic wines, representative of one of the Italian areas with the highest production of Organic Viticulture.

Why choose Elusia?

  • To be able to offer a product that perfectly meets the current demands of the market, which is increasingly looking for organic products, as a result of the consumers’ growing awareness to the values of respecting the environment and healthy eating.
  • Added value tied to the quality of the products Made in Italy, strengthened by the proposal of a refined packaging.
  • To be able to propose to the consumers a choice between international know vine varieties, already in great demand and the interesting native varieties, increasingly researched by a customer with specific interests.
  • Territory:
  • The area of production of our wines extends in one of the most important Italian territories for the organic viticulture: Eastern Veneto.
  • Thanks to the specific characteristics that make this area unique, grapes have been grown since the Roman age and the Republic of Venice.

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