Exploring the Bulk Route to Boost your Winery’s Sales

Like many wineries, if your sales numbers have been stagnant over the past few years, there is a new approach that you must explore. Make your winery profitable again by delving into how bulk wine can help sales thrive and ways to get started.

Remember when you entered the wine making industry with dreams of living among st grape-laden vines, spending the days out in the sunshine with your fingers in the dirt? You might have envisioned wandering around a vineyard, sipping and sampling your exclusive, small-batch product and making plans to perfect it. Once you did, you knew your phone would ring off the hook with restaurants and high-end wine retailers clamoring for it.

After some time in the business, experienced winemakers know the truth: producing a quality product takes time and tenacity. From growing quality grapes to turning them into a high-quality wine, the process is lengthy and unforgiving.

And that process doesn’t stop once the wine is in the bottle. After that, you need to make a profit.

Once you’ve crafted your product, the work begins to find someone to buy it. If you’re planning to sell in the U.S., you’ll need to break through several barriers of red tape. This means acquiring the proper permissions and licenses from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). You must track your sales in order to pay excise taxes. Even your wine’s label is subject to scrutiny, as it’s subject to TTB approval. In addition to this, laws governing the sale of alcohol differ from state to state.

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