Full Circle BevCon 2017

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Full Circle Wine Solutions is a global wine and spirits education and public relations firm that grows brand loyalty and client profits through tailored wine programs and effective hospitality training. Using a vast and established network of sommelier educators, the company hosts high quality and consistent wine tasting experiences across multiple locations around the world

This three-day conference starts at 3:30 PM Tuesday (Sept 5) and ends at 5:30 PM Thursday (Sept 7) and includes master classes, breakfasts, and lunches. Each attendee will also receive a complimentary copy of Patricio Tapia’s 2017 Descorchados book ($30 value) and a complimentary one-year subscription to Wine & Spirits Magazine ($29.95 value). Full Circle BevCon is for qualified sommeliers, retail wine buyers, restaurant wine directors, and wine journalists only.

For more, visit BTN Events.

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