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The positivity pay off is that you determine your own life!

Positivity really does pay off, but here’s the problem: Positive thinking is all on the surface; it only plays with your conscious mind. If you want to up-root your negative thinking, you need to go deeper. Your destructive thinking and limited beliefs, always makes negativity your default.

Let’s face it, life is not always easy; so you can’t be upbeat all the time. I find it totally annoying, when someone tells me to ‘look on the bright side’, or ‘think positive’ whenever I’m feeling down.

But, there’s is real power in positive thinking, and there is scientific evidence that proves…

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My critical inner voice has an automatic switch. When something goes wrong, an alarm is triggered, and I blame myself for whatever it is. I’ll say, ‘What did I do?’ and then I’ll jump to conclusions. I’ll own the the problem (although it’s not mine) and I’ll start figuring out how to avoid a similar situation again.

This is ridiculous, and logically I know it. But the inner critic has an emotional reaction, so making rational judgement completely leaves my head.

That critical inner voice stems from childhood. Those are the chastizing words we’ve heard from our parents, teachers and…

Stop People Pleasing (Yes you can do this)

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It’s never too late to stop people pleasing - even if you’ve been a people pleaser all your life! People change and when it comes to people-pleasing the sooner you change the better off you will be.

But first, let me say, that I believe helping others is admirable, and I wouldn’t want you to stop. But, if you keep up with all the demands that others put upon you, you’ll not only be overloaded, but you’ll feel resentment and be unnecessarily stressed.

You would think that because you do so much for others, they’d put LESS stress on you…

5 Steps To Create Happiness For Yourself
5 Steps To Create Happiness For Yourself

The 5 Step Process to Create Happiness For Yourself

Who wouldn’t want to be a positive thinker? You’d wake up every morning with a sunny disposition, feeling happy and believe that all will be OK. Quite frankly, I married one of those positive people, and I feel lucky. Their energy is infectious and they pass their sunny disposition and optimistic attitude on.

Positive thinking is not see the good and ignoring everything else. It’s what Joffrey Suprina, Ph.D., dean of the College of Behavioral Sciences at Argosy University calls ‘positive optimism’. …

6 tips to stop silence your critical inner voice
6 tips to stop silence your critical inner voice

It’s time to stop suffering and build up confidence and self-worth!

Are you suffering unnecessarily by listening to your critical inner voice? Are you the President and CEO of you own haters club? If I’ve forgotten to set my alarm, or didn’t do what I should have done, my inner voice can be downright ruthless ~ I’m a bad mother, bad grandmother or lousy friend…. And all this this nasty chatter is nonsense, but it goes on in my head.

You can have over 35 thoughts a minute going through your mind, and sometimes they can be judgemental and cruel. You can say things to yourself, that you’d never say to…

Steps to feel confident and embrace your imperfections
Steps to feel confident and embrace your imperfections

There is a mistaken belief that therapists are capable and feel confident in all aspects of their lives. In other words, we must be pretty darn perfect! We give advice and seem to know it all, but don’t let that image fool you. All people have problems and I can tell you from experience that we can be a pretty imperfect lot.

I never realized the impact of my image, until one day, I got sidetracked while I was working from my home. …

Copin with change and life transitions
Copin with change and life transitions

Coping with changes like a global pandemic, a recession or a major disaster is a hard adjustment, but positive change, like marriage, a move and or a pay raise etc. can be difficult too. We’re familiar and comfortable with what we know, so any type of life transitions can be challenging.

Young people are more resilient and open, but this receptiveness declines after our 20s. Scientific American

But, coping with changes and life transitions are a part of our daily lives, so if you’re like me, and your 20’s are long behind you, you CAN ‘teach an old dog new…

Survival Tips for Staying Positive in Uncertain Times

If you watch horror films, and your real life is falling apart at the seams, can you really be staying positive? Thrillers are created to be unsettling. But many of us are obsessed with watching them, even in unsettling times.

In South Korea, at the wake of the coronavirus, when the country was suffering it’s peak, the movie ‘Contagion’ was #1, And, as the virus spread throughout the world, the same thing happened. Rentals and torrents of downloads of ‘Contagion’ were streaming non-stop, but before the pandemic, that film wasn’t even on…

Worry about the future? I never did — until now! As a child of the boomer generation, we lived for today. We were the ‘flower children’ and just like Peter Pan, we weren’t supposed to age. We rebelled against the establishment, but today we ARE the establishment. And now, just like our parents, and grandparents before us, we worry about the future and the gloom and doom that can lie ahead.

You don’t know if how long you’ll be healthy, or if your partner will die before you do. There’s no certainty how dependent you will be on your children…

Emotions and money display themselves differently for women. Men are more objective when it comes to money, but when it comes to feelings, they get a sense of power, control and respect. Generally, women view money and finance with a different lens. For us, the underlying emotions are tied to security, and confidence, as well as our self-esteem.

Keeping money, making money, charging what you’re worth, selling, getting a raise, getting a job — think of all the many feelings attached to these transactions!

If you want to charge more for what you do, get a raise, start a business…

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