Be there for your neighbors

Florida is no stranger to extreme weather. Fortunately, we’ve had such a quiet past few years with regards to tropical storms and hurricanes. The worst storm to hit our area in the past few years was the tornado that struck last winter. This tends to make people complacent, and give an overextended feeling of security.

Now, it appears as if the tropical activity is beginning to flare up. Many systems are starting in the Atlantic, and all seem to be lining up for their turn. Tropical Depression 9 is knocking on Florida’s doorstep. I am happy that it is positioned to avoid our area, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Hopefully other storms do the same, and avoid our area. Our thoughts are with the places, and people that these storms will effect.

Many people in other areas of the country seem to think that a Tropical depression, or storm mean lots of crazy weather. To us Floridians, it’s business as usual. Schools and shops are open, and kids play in the rain after they get home. Flooding and wind gusts can still effect the community though, so please be mindful, and help your neighbor if they need it. Our area is largely comprised of retirees and the elderly, who can’t do for themselves as easily as when they were younger. Offer a helping hand.

Give us a call if you notice a tree on your property (or a neighbor’s) that needs attention, either before or after a big storm. We are here to help beautify, and keep our community safe, for everyone.