Obsession and accidental writing goals
Colin Walker

Maybe obsession (writing, social media, graffiti etc) is your fuel, your food, your energy. But it can’t wrap its arms around you and tell you it loves you. It can’t give you a cheeky wink that lets you know everything will be ok and it can’t hold your hand when you just need someone to support you. The problem with obsessions is that they either take over OR they become boring and the obsession dwindles. Love is the key. To love writing means you have passion to carry on and to work at it. To obsess over it will, in the end, be detrimental. Just as in everything we do in life. If you love something (or indeed, someone) then you have the will to work at it and make it better, whatever it takes, whatever you do. If you obsess over things (or someone, yourself or even your own failings) then the only outcome you’ll see is one of a negative nature. Love what you do, do what you love. Love who you are and love who you are with. Simple.

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