IEOR — Disciplines a good entrepreneur: Do they work and is it worth it?

Red Light, Green Light. Do we follow our brains, our guts, the recommendation of other people or the direction of the current market. Many people you ask will attribute a good entrepreneur and their success’ to them having a few commonalities: 1) a good team, 2) a good product, and 3) knowing when you have good idea and when you have a bad idea.

When looking at the most successful companies only the success are shown and applauded; however we overlook the celebration of our failures. As a society we know if the success stories of giants such as Mark Zukerburg and Bill Gates. When we observe these cases, as we celebrate their success we are also celebrating their choices in life such as dropping out of college, etc. As we observe the choices of an entrepreneur such as choosing their products and customer base we as consumers and aspiring entrepreneurs must also observe their journey to their current place. One things I noticed was that when one says they want to be an entrepreneur one is always asked what kind of company do you want to create and why are you creating this company. From the start your morals and motivation are questioned its up to the individual to not only decide what your motivation is or what kind of entrepreneur you want to be, but also whether or not your idea is worth pursuing.

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