IEOR — IDEO & Decision Bias’

Decision bias’ are things that come along with being a human being. Although a product is made with a specific customer basis in mind there is a decision bias that are taken into account when a customer buys the product and when said product is sold. You want to identify and take advantage of the bias’ of your customers through: Cognitive Bias’ and Structure of Storytelling.

When looking at decision basis we look at every aspect of the consumer that would affect their decision among them being race, ethnicity, income level, and various other attributes that may affect someone’s opinion. In terms of a product overcoming consumer bias’ , I think the most efficient way to do so is ensuring the inclusivity of all ones’ products. Making sure that everyone is able to use said product, and if not everyone at least your target consumer. In a world where everyone is competing for the attention of consumers from every avenue it is important to acknowledge what attracts those you are trying to reach out to. Also it serves as a great way to acknowledge the sensitivities of those you are trying to reach out to, i.e. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

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