IEOR — Leadership Nugget, What makes a good leader?

If people respond more to avoiding pain, then how does one touch their customers heart. The following are six of 20 “leadership nuggets” that define what makes a good leader: 1) connect with yourself, 2) communicate with openness and sincerity, 3) know your message, 4) know your audience, 5) go where your audience is, 6) focus on them not yourself, and 7) believe I’m people. This list was developed from a list of qualities found in leaders today.

In today’s world of pop up start ups and billion dollar generating apps it is important for those within a leadership position to touch a heart before they ask for said costumers or consumers support, money, or time. In short before one asks for a hand of support a consumer needs a reason and motivation for their investment. You cannot lead people, into an action until you connect with them emotionally, which is not asking for much. In order to generate customer loyalty the customer should know what they are investing in which is bathe the product and its representative.