IEOR — Opportunity Recognition: Finding Opportunities and How to recognize when its your time

When analyzing opportunity cost growth mindset vs. fixed mindset. In order to recognize opportunity one must be an explorer when both searching and deciding the pros and cons for the opportunities within the market one is wishing to explore.

As a current college junior learning to be a beginner and ensuring myself they it is ok to not know what I’m doing where it concerns creating my own business and entrepreneurship, Some common advice that has been given to me both in class and outside that has proven very helpful is three core facts: network to expand your network, network to get a network, and network to keep your network, both physically and virtually. Now one may ask how does networking help you in terms of finding opportunity within you desired market; well in cultivating your own network it allows for one to identify the different market out there and what better way then talking to those working in the market themselves.

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