IEOR: Tesla and its Success in Value Proposition

Value proposition is the promised value to be delivered by a good product. How will the life of your customer change/user based on your product. When beginning the journey of deciding whether or not your idea for a product or service is worth the effort and time you invest.

The promised value of any product is never guaranteed. When analyzing the value proposition of Tesla in its early stages one could only imagine the doubt and back lash of the product and concept itself. The field of environmentally friendly cars is very new industry that is very lucrative. So when Elon Musk came out with the Tesla all if not majority of the world and his competitors may have valued his success equivalent to that off is other failures or inadequacies in that industry. However in cases where your counter parts do not trust the value of your idea it’s ok because all you need to do is convince investors that your there is value in your company. Value proposition is really just convincing others’ that you have something to sell and that you will build. In order to convince investors you yourself need to have faith and see the value in your own company.

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