5 Amazing Ideas For A Vacation In Dubai

If you are planning a Vacation in Dubai for the first time, then chalking out the schedule can be a little overwhelming. A city so full of beautiful sightseeing options, one can easily get confused on what to see and what to do. In post, you’ll get some unique travel ideas that’ll give you a glimpse of the true magnificence of Dubai. Plus, these ideas can be easily accommodated in your Cheap Dubai Travel plan; without digging a hole in your pocket.

So, here’s some amazing travel activities that are must do in Dubai:

1. A Day Long Dubai City Tour: This is one essential sight seeing tour that you simply cannot say no to. There are many reputed tour operators in the city who offer Dubai day tour packages. These day tours takes you to all the most popular tourists’ destinations in the city in one day. What better way to start a vacation in Dubai? If you have not already booked your Dubai city tour, you can ask the hotel your staying in. Make sure to check out the facilities available on the tour and also whether they offer an English speaking guide or not before booking the tour. Although you wont get much time to explore each destination, this can be a great way to explore the city when cheap Dubai travel is a priority.

2. Go Shopping In Souks: Although Dubai is world famous for its high-end shopping malls, shopping in the traditional Souks has its own charm. So, ditch those super expensive malls for a unique Souk experience in Dubai. Moreover, Souks offer you many traditional middle eastern specialties such as hand woven carpets, amazing spices, jewelry, enchanting perfumes etc. If you are a bit tight on money, go for a pocket friendly Dubai Rental Housing and you would save a significant amount of money to go shopping with. While shopping, don’t forget to try the mouth watering street foods there to keep your taste buds happy.

3. Friday Brunch: If you are a foodie, this is one that you would not like to miss! Most Dubai hotels and restaurants offer lavish Friday Brunches that are nothing but a gastronomic blast, in the most pleasurable way of course! These all inclusive Friday Brunches do not cost a bomb and you get to experience the best of Dubai cuisine while taking a vacation in Dubai. Find out the best Friday Brunch offers near your stay and enjoy!

4. Hot Air Ballooning: This is one unique experience that you simply cannot miss. No matter whether you are looking for cheap Dubai travel or going for the ultimate luxury vacation, watching the sunrise on a hot air balloon while watching the city waking up below, is an experience of a lifetime. Watching the captivating red sky and a city slowing waking up to sunlight while being drifted up by a colorful hot air balloon, is one of life’s most memorable experience for sure.

5. Dune Bashing: Yet another activity that’ll give you an otherworldly feeling! Driving through the red sand dunes on a four wheeler while taking in the breathtaking views is not only adventurous, but also unique. So, ditch the noises of the hustling-bustling city and find a moment of complete bliss amidst the sand and sun.

So, these are top 5 travel ideas for a vacation in Dubai. While these cheap Dubai travel activities would not break your bank, they would surely give you an experience of a lifetime. For a truly pocket friendly holiday, go for Dubai rental housing and save some money to do these awesome activities.