Things to know before plan to visit in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best tourist spot around the world. This city becomes so popular among the tourists and mostly tourist likes to visit this place with family or loved ones. So, if you are planning to a vacation in Dubai, then you must have to know some basic things to do or avoid.

1. Winter period: — Dubai is extremely hot in few months of the year. December to march is the best time to visit Dubai. This is the winter period in this city and you can also enjoy the mild weather this time.

2. Visa: -Citizens of Some countries like USA, UK, and Australia can get their visa directly on arrival in Dubai. You can also apply for a visa before visit and also concern with your travel agent or agency for visa requirements.

3. Liquor: — tourist can’t buy liquors from liquor shops in Dubai because you have to need a liquor license to buy. So, only local residents who holding this license can buy liquor. You can go to bars, hotel or nightclub to get liquor.

4. Transportation: — Don’t hire taxi in Dubai because it’s too expensive. Car rental is the best option for travel in Dubai. You can book it in advance. Instead of this you can also use local buses or metro train for travel. It will save your money and time.

5. Driving: — Dubai is the left handed driving city.

6. Star hotel: — Accommodation is costly in Dubai. Mostly visitor can’t afford separate apartments in Dubai. So, 2 star hotels are the best and cheapest option to stay.

7. Shopping: — Dubai mall is also known as the world’s largest mall. It’s just like paradise for visitors or shoppers. You can buy pure gold and cheap electronics here. There are many shopping malls and souks for shopping. You will really enjoy shopping here.

8. Local Language: — Dubai is Arabic speaking country. But local citizens also can understand English very well.

9. Law: — Dubai becomes world’s safest place because they have tough policies and the law. You can feel so safe when visit in Dubai.

10. Ramadan: — Its recommend that you don’t visit Dubai during Ramadan because there is fasting time .You can’t eat, drink, smoke in public places during this time. So avoid September and October for a visit.

These above are some tips you have to follow when visit in Dubai. It is very beautiful city. So have to respect their culture and enjoy .