‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la NSA

Adapted from the original poem “The Listeners” by Walter de la Mare

Is there anybody there said the Caller

Tapping on the Android pad;

And his connection to the Internet became a part,

Of NSA’s notorious nab;

And a pop-up flew out of the corner,

Above the calling screen;

And he banged upon the pad again a second time;

Is there anybody there? he screamed.

But no one replied to the Caller;

No pick up from the other bill;

Leaned over and answered his urgency,

As he stood perplex and still.

But only a host of security bots;

That dwelt in the system then;

Switched to listen in the quiet of the cyber-space;

To the voice from the world of men.

Switched to capture the flow of the static;

That offered every hardcore choice;

Enlivening the RAMs and mainframes;

With the lonely Caller’s voice.

And he felt in his heart a presence,

The stillness answering his call;

While his connection moved, to higher peaks;

‘Neath the adverts and lady dolls.

For he suddenly banged on the pad even

Harder, and lifted his head:-

“Tell them I called and no one answered,

That I value my freedom,” he said.

Never the least stir made the listeners;

Though every word he spake;

Was recording through the channels of virtual worlds;

There is little else left to take.

Soon they will hear before dialing;

And after a hang-up they boast;

That the silence will never surged backwards again;

And a connection will never be lost.

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