BeyondMe is Hiring…

Job title: Head of Engagement

Reports: to Chief Executive

Working with: Head of Campaigns and Events, Head of Portfolio and Operations, Portfolio Associate, corporate partners, and volunteers

Salary range: Competitive salary, depending on experience

Contract type: Full-time, permanent — with three-month probation period

Benefits include: 25 days annual leave, flexible working schedule and annual personal development budget

Location: Based in Aldgate, London E1 — in modern co-working space with great access to transport

The organisation

BeyondMe is a movement founded on a simple premise: individuals acting collectively can combine their resources and multiply their impact on causes they believe in. The organisation enables a growing number of charities and social enterprises to capitalise on the unharnessed potential of professionals working in business and society.

We provide the social sector with a reliable flow of talent, resources and commitment from our community of professionals eager to put their time, skills and money towards having a meaningful impact in the world beyond them. In turn, BeyondMe mobilises these individuals — usually in the early stages of their career — to form BeyondMe teams and build a long-term partnership that generates social value for a charity or social enterprise in our portfolio. By working in teams for a year, professionals who decide to give and volunteer through BeyondMe will be able to maximise the resources and commitment they can bring to a cause that matters to them.

To date, BeyondMe has successfully supported over 150 BeyondMe teams across 18 major businesses in the UK, including our corporate partners and is positioned for significant growth off the back of a new strategy and increased demand from both charities and business professionals.

Watch our short film to learn more:

The role

We’re looking for an all-star professional who understands that great passion fuels great potential. In particular, the Head of Engagement is a pivotal role that directly supports the organisation’s impact goals as well as its efforts to become a sustainable social enterprise. The role will develop, lead and manage our engagement activities and programme to launch more and better BeyondMe teams from across the private sector.

Professionals from our corporate partners and other businesses have been identified as the priority group. The role will also contribute to a strategy and campaign plan to recruit, activate and engage professionals with targeted skills to join the BeyondMe community of skilled volunteers and ensure greater value is created for the BeyondMe portfolio.

An added dimension to this role will be generating opportunities for new corporate partnerships — ranging from large multinational corporations to agile, ambitious SMEs — that will improve BeyondMe’s reach and ultimately the skills and resources available for the BeyondMe portfolio of charities.

This is the perfect opportunity for an entrepreneurial, self-starter who can passionately and systematically engage and mobilise more people to give their time, money and skills to address key issues challenging our society.

Key responsibilities for this role

Volunteer recruitment and engagement:

  • Recruit and activate skilled volunteers to join the BeyondMe programme;
  • Provide resources, guidance, communications and support to launch BeyondMe teams.
  • Lead on developing and executing the 12-month ‘team programme’ for skilled volunteers.
  • Cultivate new partnerships, both strategic and commercial, that serve the dual purpose of growing and engaging BeyondMe’s community.

Cultivation of BeyondMe champions

  • Recruit and on-board BeyondMe’s network of champions, setting objectives to drive forward BeyondMe’s mission within their businesses;
  • Engage and manage the network of champions to achieve BeyondMe objectives;
  • Provide resources, guidance and training to enable them in their roles.

Support events and communications

  • Support on planning and executing BeyondMe Bootcamp and events related to professionals;
  • Support on planning and executing BeyondMe’s corporate sponsored events;
  • Support on programme communications for professionals.

The person we’re looking for should demonstrate the following attributes:

  • At least three years experience — a blended experience in the corporate and voluntary sectors is a big plus;
  • Strong leadership and ability to manage relationships with young professionals and corporate stakeholders;
  • Willingness to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment
  • Enthusiastic self-starter who maintains a high standard when developing and delivering the programme;
  • Ability to prioritise work and juggle multiple things at once;
  • Confidence to feel comfortable communicating — verbal and written — to different audiences (from a group of students to the CEO of a major international business);
  • Ability to work collaboratively and strategically with external stakeholders;
  • An alignment with BeyondMe’s mission and values (generous, ambitious, collaborative, optimistic, fun);
  • A knack for networking and meeting new people.

Application process

Do you think you’re right for us?

If so, please submit a CV and cover letter, including your current or most recent salary, by the deadline below. Your letter should be your personal mission statement, explaining why you want to work for BeyondMe and what you can do to enable us to engage more people to propel our mission forward. Be sure to give us examples of how you’ve motivated and engaged others to step up and contribute to making an impact.

Application deadline: 18 April 2017 at 9am

First-round interviews: w/c 24 April 2017

Second-round interviews: 2–4 May 2017

To submit your application, please email Nick Mason at

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