5 of the Worst Horror Flicks of All Time

Horror is a genre everyone can relate to because horror induces fear and fear is a primal feeling that no one can escape. It is what causes our skin to crawl, and our body’s to feel like a live wire. It boils down to the fight or flight instinct that everyone has embedded within them. When horror is done right, there is a sense of dread. There is the thought that lingers in the back of your mind, “What if?” What if that monster is real? What if there is something under the bed or a ghost in the closet? A good horror story stays with us, and for some may even scar them for life- Poltergeist is that horror flick that did it for me. To this day, I am afraid of the dark and clowns. There are sadly some horror flicks that are too stupid and silly to be even placed in the Horror genre. These movies are like watching a bad B movie wishing you could get your money back.


Remember this movie that was released back in 1993? This film was and still is by far the dumbest concept ever. Why they ever made any sequels and added to the franchise is beyond anyone’s understanding. Although actresses like Jennifer Aniston needed the work and I am certain she was glad for the pay. This was her debut movie and look where she has gone since there. But the movie itself lacked everything a good horror flick provides. There was nothing scary about an ugly midget running around — unless of course you are afraid of midgets. (Don’t laugh, I know someone who is.)


Even the most dedicated Stephen King fan will shutter to admit they watched this movie. If you don’t remember it, Sleepwalkers was released in 1992 and was based on the book by Stephen King. The movie is about people who can shift into cats. The premise is great, shapeshifting Vampires who feed off the life force of virgins. The movie, though, ultimately failed to deliver. You might recognize the main character, Brian Krause, who later became a “White Lighter” in the series “Charmed.”


Here is yet another disappointing movie that came from the mind of Stephen King- He is after all the King of Horror. The only reason why I even watched this movie was because of Jason Lee. (The Pro-skater turned Hollywood Actor) and of course Donnie Wahlberg- one of the “New Kids on the Block.” “Dreamcatcher” seemed like it would be so good. It had everything, a secluded landscape, great cast, and aliens. However, the special effects made this movie laughable. It seemed like a bad version of the movie “The Body Snatchers.”

Cabin in the Woods

Everyone who watched this movie watched it for one reason — Chris Hemsworth. At least that was the reason I wasted 2 hours of my life. Little did I know he was going to die — is that a spoiler alert? Probably not considering the film was released in 2012 and everyone and their dog have seen it. The story though was so well done for the first 20 minutes. It wasn’t until the characters in the “control room” started to give away clues at how bad the movie was going to be. I think that if they had left out those characters and didn’t reveal them until the end, it couldn’t have been so much better. Once the “monsters” started to be unleashed, it was clear the movie was taking a turn for the worse. One of the main rules to horror is to leave the audience satisfied. Cabin in the Woods just made everything seem pointless and left me shaking my head wondering how I was going to get that time back.

The Ring

I don’t know one person alive who likes chain letters. But someone in Hollywood thought, “Hey I hate chain letters too. Let’s make a movie about a chain letter, but instead of a letter, let it be a video that kills people.” — Really? The whole time the movie builds you up making you think that there is something extraordinary going to happen, but it’s just a pissed off teenager who died in a well. Don’t get me wrong, and that would suck to be trapped in a well and die, but is it enough to make a movie from it? Hollywood thought so.