Kayaking is one of the greatest sports and an awesome way to work out and burn calories while enjoying the great outdoors. There is nothing better than to get out on the open water and enjoy nature. It truly is one of the best feelings in the world. The ability to leaving everything on shore and go explore.

The thought of owning a kayak thrills any adventure seeker. The question is thought, which one is right for you? To answer that question you need to determine what you will be using your kayak for. Are you a deep sea sports fisherman looking to catch the big one? Or are you more of a casual weekend go-getter? Are you looking for the raging white water from yesterday’s downpour? Or maybe you want a kayak to take out and paddle around for a bit? Do you want two people in one boat or do you prefer paddling yourself around and going where ever? Are you looking to use the kayak for speed and for a good work out? Or maybe you will you be bringing your four-legged friend with you? What you are using the boat for will help you to determine which one you should get. Here are the best kayaks on the market for whatever floats your boat.

The Best Kayak for a Dog:

So your main goal is to bring your dog with you. That’s great animals love nature just as much as we do. When paddling out with man’s best friend, though, one must take into account the size of the craft. You don’t want your best friend cramping your space and making it difficult to cut through the water. Nor do you want him on your lap causing the craft to tip over.

When buying a kayak to include your best friend on your many adventures, evaluate kayaks that have 2 seats for optimal space. Also, look at the width of the craft. You want your best friend to be comfortable, and should he or she jump into the water, you don’t want to tip over easily into the water.

A great kayak to look at that is both wide enough to accommodate for tipping and large enough for even a Great Dane, would be the Ocean Kayak Malibu sit on top kayak. Priced reasonably, this particular kayak doesn’t have a lot of extra space for bringing gear but will provide hours of entertainment on the water.

The Best Kayak for Fishing

There are two things to ask yourself if you are buying a kayak for fishing, where are you going? Will you be fishing out in the open ocean and battling ocean currents? Or are you headed to the calm lake? Where you go fishing will determine if you want the traditional paddle boat or one that is a paddle boat. If you chose foot peddle boat for fishing it is still wise to bring a paddle for emergency use in case the peddle operating system breaks on you, stranding you out in the water. One thing that does matter when choosing the right kayak for fishing is the seat. All angler’s want a kayak that is “sit on top” as opposed to “sit in”.

The best kayak for a fishing trip on the lake would be the Riot Kayak Enduro. This boat comes equipped will all kinds of goodies and space for a long day out on the water. Although this particular boat is best on flat, calm waters as long as the ocean is calm too, you will enjoy your time. The Enduro has 2 sealed containers for fishing and camping gear, custom- fit seating, quick locking foot braces and a drain plug plus much more.

As for the best ocean kayak to purchase, that would be the Trident Ultra 4.3. This craft is nibble and streaks effortlessly through the water. The Trident makes it easy to cut through strong ocean currents and past the whitewash. The Trident is built for the ocean with its aerodynamic design and how lightweight it is. With four fishing mounts rod holders, as well as live bait or anchor compartment, this little kayak packs a punch. A plus for this boat is the built-in carrying handles. If deep sea fishing is your cup of tea, this is the boat to help land the big one. Just hope your tackle can handle.

Although fishing is a rigorous sport, whitewater kayaking is a monster all to itself. You will need a kayak that is slender and lightweight for the rolls and cutting you will need to perform. Of course, there are different kayaks on the market that cater to the different levels of whitewater a person can do. However, there is one particular kayak that works great for those just beginning as well as the established whitewater enthusiast.

The Best for Whitewater

The overall best kayak for raging the wild rapids would be The Dagger Mamba. This crafty boat is very beginner friendly with its forgiving edging and rolling. The Dagger Mamba is built so that anyone from beginner to expert can easily climb into and out of without issue. This is one of but a handful of kayaks that is raved by the experienced as well as the beginner for its lightweight and durability. With the utmost rigging for safety, anyone will feel comfortable taking the Dagger Mamba out on any adventure both on the lake exploring caves to white water.

There are so many categories to cover when purchasing the perfect kayak. This list covered the basics to look for when searching for your perfect adventure vessel. There are options for an inflatable, sit in, sit out, solo to a two person. The best thing to do is to keep a list of everything that you want during your great outdoor adventures to help you narrow down your list as well as keep track of your favorites. And always remember that no matter what you get now, you can always upgrade later. There is a whole world to explore, so what’s stopping you?