Psychics: Spiritual Hoax or the Real Deal?

Have you ever had a burning question that you just couldn’t answer? Or maybe something is going on in your life that you just can’t seem to figure out? Have you ever tried a psychic before? I know what you are saying, and there is no way those people are real. But the truth of the matter is they are very real.

While most psychics perceive their ability as a gift and want to flaunt that gift to help others, there are those that linger in the shadows and don’t say a word. Online, however, tons of so-called psychic readers will just take your money and run. One out of every five “psychics” online will be real, and the others don’t understand anything about the gift and will not be able to help you.


Many tell-tell signs will give you an idea of whether or not you are dealing with a real psychic or not. Some of these are visible signs while others are very subtle, and you probably won’t catch them. What makes a fake psychic so good is their ability of perception. Even if you do a reading online, there are ways that a person can fool you. Here are just a few ways to get yourself a real psychic that can help you on this crazy journey called Life.


  1. A fake psychic will begin by asking you questions about your age and birthday. First off, you are not looking for them to read off what they found in the newspaper that day about your horoscope. Horoscopes are Astrology and are not a psychic connection. Astrology is the tip of the iceberg in the psychic world and only gives a broad reading of what is going on. Most newspapers have them, but if you think about it, anyone can come up with a horoscope and post it in the paper. Be very cautious about the psychic who asks for this kind of information. The fake psychic will probably also ask where you are from, which is another obvious sign they are not real. A true psychic doesn’t need this information. All this kind of information does is helps the fake to determine your lifestyle.
  2. Many fake psychics will use fear as a scapegoat. They will tell you something bad will happen if… You can fill in the blank. Many times they will bring up “witchcraft” and voodoo. They may say they need to light a candle to cleanse the area before they begin working on your reading. While sometimes, this is just a way for the psychic to relax and concentrate, there are those who use it as a tool to waste your time online or on the phone which in turns gets them more money. Especially when they are paid by the minute. If a psychic ever tells you something that deals with “witchcraft” steer clear. They are just going to rip you off. There is no such thing as spells, hexes, curses, hitchhikers, mojo or the like.
  3. A fake psychic will want to flaunt what they don’t have. They will say how they are a counselor to the stars and famous people. They may have at one point in their career spoken to a famous person, but they didn’t do a good job, and most likely haven’t heard from them since. But because they had that one encounter, they will blast it all over the place. Please don’t fall for this kind of nonsense. Even if you do happen to come across a genuine psychic who has that kind of clout, you couldn’t afford them. Those psychics don’t need money, they make enough from the celebrities and honestly, don’t need your cash. Plus, they will most likely be booked for months, if not years and won’t have time for you or your life crisis.
  4. A fake psychic will lie through their teeth to get you the answer you want to hear. They are masters of manipulation and can spin things around faster than Dr. Phil. Don’t be suckered into answering any of their questions unless it is yes or no question. Many fake psychics will often run through the alphabet until you tell them they hit the mark. Don’t give anything away or elaborate on the question. The fake psychics will pull the clues from what you have told them to weave together the lie that you want to hear.
  5. Psychics cannot predict the future. They can get glimpses into the future, and some things may happen the way they see it. For a fake psychic, though, they will try and trick you while using broad topics like “tall, skinny, fat, man, woman, child.” Be wary of those who claim to know what is going to happen. Especially if an accident, death or other serious circumstances are involved. These are all scare tactics to manipulate and cause you to believe that what they say is true.

So, now you are equipped with narrowing down your choices of how the fake psychics will work, what about how the real ones operate?


  1. A genuine psychic is not a mind reader. They can’t tell you what you are going to do next, nor can they predict the future. No one can. You can’t go online and ask them how your day will be. Forces of influence outside the client can affect many things that could happen. There is no way guaranteed way of knowing.
  2. Many real psychics are subtle in their approach to giving a reading. They don’t need any information about you other than your question or concern. And many real psychics are open for questions throughout the reading. They don’t mind being challenged and digging deeper into a situation or problem. They are there to help you.
  3. A real psychic will pick up on the energy surrounding you and will be able to tell you personal details without being prompted to do so. This is true online and offline. Everyone has energy that surrounds them, no matter where they are in the world. A real psychic will be able to focus on that energy and give you a reading that may not mean anything right then and there, but will come to pass. This may sound like a fraudulent thing, but that is how it happens.
  4. A real psychic doesn’t speak of the spiritual aspect of anything. There are some people out there that can, but that gift is very rare. Psychics are not equal. For some reason, they are lumped together into one category. There are several different psychic abilities- more on that in a moment, but just because one can read tarot cards, doesn’t mean another real psychic can do the same. And a real psychic is only in tuned with what they can do if they can’t read cards they will tell you, unlike a fake psychic who seems to have mastered all the gifts from cards, to spirits to horoscopes. A real psychic can only do one or two things.
  5. A real psychic will only be of help maybe every three months or so. Events happen all the time and all around us. Energies collide, and things happen, but they don’t happen all at once. If the psychic you are talking to or using online tells you to come back next month, they are most likely a fake and just after more money.
  6. A real psychic will not sugar-coat anything. Most of them are very blunt and to the point. They don’t do this because they are trying to make you go away or discourage you it is because there is nothing more to say. They are not going to paint you a pretty picture and tell you everything is going to be peaches and cream. Life is not like that, and a real psychic knows that things are always shifting.
  7. A real psychic will not bug you online or off. This means that if you get a reading done online, and plug in your email address to get a reading, they won’t hound your inbox telling you to call them back in a few days. A real psychic will want you to come to them when you are ready. 
    Now that you know how to filter through the fake and real psychics, the next question you need to ask yourself is, “What kind of reading should I get?” Like I mentioned before there are different gifts and different ways to get a reading.

A real psychic will have their gift honed into one particular talent be it tarot cards or astrology. There may be a selective few who can do more than one but usually cannot do more than three. A tarot reader will be able to read the cards and palms and possibly be able to pick up on your aura, but that is it. Usually, a fake reader will be gifted in the cards, palm reading and any other thing that surrounds “readings” so steer clear.


  1. By far the most popular is “Tarot reading.” The reading consists of the psychic shuffling a deck of cards while the client keeps focused on a particular question or problem. The deck is then laid out in a particular spread to determine what is going on with the customer. There are 12 different spreads that a reader can use depending on what the problem or question relates to. The most widely used spread for reading with Tarot Cards is the Celtic Cross Spread. This gives the reader the simplest spread and is often overused in movies when someone is getting a reading. The Tarot deck consists of 78 cards and comes in a variety of shapes, themes, and symbolism.
  2. Rune Readings are popular today as they were in ages past. The Runes are an alphabet of symbols that are thrown on a mat or hard surface and help to shift through a person’s question or problem. While the Rune stones are used for yes or no questions, the reader who is in tuned with this ancient practice can whittle away the problem and get you the answers you need very precisely.
  3. Remote Viewing is another ability that can be done online or off but it takes someone very skillful and knowledgeable in their gifts to do this kind of reading. A remote viewing is when the reader can describe a scene or event taking place or that has taken place. Many psychics with this particular gift usually help with criminal investigations.
  4. Clairvoyant readers are psychics who can see images and pick up on things happening to their clients. A clairvoyant taps into the energy that flows through everything and everyone to provide intel of what is to come, what has come and what is going on now. This gift is what most people think of when they heard the word “psychic.”
  5. Lastly, the most popular form of reading online these days is Astrology. This gift relies heavily on the stars and planets that align during the time of your birth. A real astrologist will not be able to tell you right then and there what is happening. They must make the chart of the stars and planets that are aligned in the sky now as well as when you were born. These charts can predict the patterns in your life, your potential and gifts that you as the client might have but have not tapped into. This is also, unfortunately, the biggest scam on the internet. But there are very talented and gifted astrologers out there.

While you may not believe in the gifts of these people, they are very real, and there are several places you can go online for a free reading. Don’t be surprised if you come across a charlatan. Many fake psyches are prowling the web just remember to keep your personal information to yourself and let the psychic tell you things about you, not the other way around. Don’t give away any clues as to your lifestyle or personality. A real psychic will know, they will feel the energy and see things that a fake psychic can’t. Remember to keep an open mind and don’t ever try out a psychic when you are desperate, that is how many people get conned. Search for your psychic first and test them before giving away any real information.

Online is a great way to find them, but you will have to sort through a lot before finding one that works for you. There are hundreds of different readings. If tarot isn’t right for you, try a different style or method. And please remember, psychics are just like everyone else, they will have their bad days too so don’t be too hard on them if what they say misses the mark. Of course, if what they tell you is completely in left field out of the park- run away.