13 Reasons Why — Chanel

Coco Chanel

Dear Chanel,

I bet you thought that this post was going to be about the new Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”. Ha! No, but now that I have your attention let me tell you a way that Chanel could improve their digital marketing.

Chanel has been one of the most elite luxury brands in the world. While it is well known, it wouldn’t hurt to expand your target market and increase your brand awareness by starting a blog. We get it, Chanel was comparatively late starting their digital marketing strategy, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Who knows, maybe you’ll gain a ton of loyal customers along the way.

Below, are 13 reasons why the Chanel brand should get with the program and start a blog.

  1. It Helps Drive Great Traffic To Your Website

Do you want more visitors to your site? This is the best and most obvious way to gain visitors. When you have something good, the word can get out quickly. Having a blog will build loyalty among an audience and will eventually have your friends, and your friends’ friends talking about Chanel’s blog.

2. Message Control

Having a blog will assure your brand that it can be in control of all content that is put on all media. To avoid the “Gossip Folk” Chanel can create a blog to accurately tell their market about important brand stories. You want them to receive information directly from you, not from someone who’s inaccurate. Without a blog, you are leaving your reputation in the hands of others(bloggers)

3. Blog Analytics

You want to better understand your consumers and find out how they find their information online? Get access to blog analytics. It’s almost like predicting what will happen in the future with your brand.

4. It Is The Heart Of All Content Marketing

Blogs can serve as currency for your social media platforms. Your customers will be able to go through your blog and interact with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email newsletters, and Google+.

5. Two-Way Conversation

A blog can help Chanel keep in contact with their potential and current customers. It encourages feedback, comments, and most of all interaction. I can’t stress this enough but, REPLY TO ALL COMMENTS!

6. Tells The Brand’s Story

Who’s Chanel? What does Chanel sell? Is it a new startup company?”, said no one ever. People may not say this but as an older brand, you have to keep in mind the younger generations to come. The only people who know about Chanel and her story are those who visit the website. If we were to link INSIDE CHANEL(the story of Gabrielle Chanel and her brand) into a blog, more consumers will lean toward the brand. In addition, this will be a great way to offer more insight into the company and latest trends.


7. Build Loyalty In The Customers You Already Have

Writing a blog increases brand loyalty for those who have already purchased products from Chanel. Chanel’s first priority is to make and keep their loyal customers happy. When they see that you have created a blog this gives them an idea that you are going above and beyond to give them advice and enrich their customer experience.

8. Provide Updates For Chanel’s Social Media Channels

This goes back to the idea of a blog being the heart of all content marketing. When customers enter the blog they should find that it is easy to access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and other Chanel platforms.

9. Create Demand For Your Products “Treat Yo’ Self”

Let your target market and your potential target know that they need your product(it was personally designed with them in mind). “In order to be fabulous, you need Chanel”. Weave the need for your product and encourage them to “Treat Yo’ Self” by posting the latest and the greatest trends for consumers to purchase.

10. Builds Authority In The Fashion Industry

Do you want to establish your brand as an expert in the fashion industry? Start a blog! This is a way to gain customer attention because they know that the blog is composed of information and tips related to the fashion industry. When it seems like you know what you’re talking about, it will help the brand establish authority in their eyes.

11. Increases Search Engine Traffic

What increases website traffic? Adding more content to your blog, in which, more pages from your domain increases search engine optimization. More blog posts+Various Keywords=More opportunities for your target market to find your website.

12. Sell Your Product

This is pretty obvious, I know, but the whole purpose of creating such a luxury brand is to get people to purchase your products. Make blog posts that are indirect to the readers about different products so the reader can retain their freedom of choice. To buy or not to buy.

13. Improves Digital Marketing

Overall, a blog will help improve your brand’s digital marketing because it is another way to make Chanel available to potential and current target markets. Using high-quality content, increasing brand loyalty, humanizing the brand, and telling the brand story are all ways that can lead to successful digital marketing.

Chanel is an amazing brand that stands for luxurious, timeless, and unique fashions. This I know, but you want the whole world to know!


Ashley Dodson