The Local Digital Declaration has been great at setting a common vision for the future of local public services and something for the #LocalDigital community to coalesce around. Whilst cyber is featured in the Declaration it’s not something the MHCLG Local Digital team actively focussed on in the beginning.

Last summer I started to look more into the world of cyber to see if there were any opportunities to join up with the work that William Barker and team had been doing to raise cyber resilience across all of the local public sector.

I found that cyber and digital have lots of similarities. They both could do with more senior level buy-in and understanding amongst staff and both have their own language that can make it hard to engage with. But more importantly, both have a bunch of committed council staff and supporters that are often furthering the cause by making time during their working day or even in their own time. …



Helping the #LocalDigital mission @MHCLG @LDgovUK #FixThePlumbing + @LocalGovDigital vice-chair @LocalGovCamp maker

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