C&C Alpha Group Founder Bhanu Choudhrie believes in continuous learning to evolve business

Bhanu Choudhrie, Founder and Executive Director of C&C Alpha Group Limited, is one individual who has relied on continuous learning to effectively evolve his business. According to him, education can come in various forms and in different environments. He recently enrolled himself in Owner/President Management program at Harvard Business School, which is an intensive three-week training module spanning three years.

Talking about the importance of learning, Bhanu said “As a business leader, I need to be constantly learning. To help my business thrive and expand, I have to be responsive to the ever-changing nuances of the global economy and be familiar with case histories and insights that relate to my organization. This process began with my formal university education, and it continues with what I learn through the trials of the workplace. But that’s not enough. So I was keen to find an executive business program that would match my schedule and my business needs as my operations expanded internationally. The Owner/President Management program was the perfect fit.” said Bhanu on his learning experience at Harvard Business School.

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, the major highlight of the Harvard campus was its intellectual fervor. He was highly impressed with the diversity and eminence of his fellow classmates who were successful in the highly selective admission process. HBS’s famous case study method particularly intrigued him and helped him explore timely business quandaries and how leaders should respond under pressure.

Talking about the most surprising part of the management program, Bhanu stated, “There was plenty that was unexpected. The case study discussions disrupted my staid way of thinking and altered my view of even the most basic business facts. Looking back on my first week in the program, I recall thinking, “Did the other students read the same cases I did?” because their viewpoints were very different from mine. They saw the cases from the perspective of their own industries, their own governments, and their own professional circles. No matter how arcane the issue, there was no dearth of experience — and disagreement — to go around, especially when the full class of 125 got together.

Also, I was accustomed to being the boss and being treated that way. But neither the professors nor my classmates offered me the same deference, and that cold-water drenching helped me a great deal! I realize now that there’s a lot I don’t know.”