Corporate APM Training to Help Employees and the Company Do Better in Competitive Markets

Application performance management is simply indispensable for corporate environments that have a wide range of apps deployed in several ways as a metric to performance and customer satisfaction. Corporate training in APM for employees guarantees better outcomes.

Application performance management points to a technology that monitors and manages as well as tracks performance of applications and also hardwae resources. It can help IT managers track transactions. They can just as easily find out what is causing problems and take remedial actions. Offered as a suite of tools, there are various application performance management tools, the best known of which is AppDynamics. However, most such APM tools do more or less the same thing and are indispensable for corporate environments that develop and deploy a range of apps. If apps perform as expected, it results in better customer satisfaction and increased revenues for the company.

What would take hours or days to pinpoint is easily done by APM tools like appdynamics. Tools like appdynamics help carry out operations in real time instead of relying on packet captures or in test and QA environments. Success of use of APM depends on two things. One is the data sources for APM practice and in this regard appdynamics has proved its worth. APM agents, as the tools are known, can run from the same networked hardware resources or be deployed on open IT operations analytics architecture that helps correlate diverse sources of data. What this leads up to is that APM itself becomes a sophisticated and complex operation where enterpises must have knowledgeable people in place to handle it. Leaving it to them to learn as they go along may simply not work because employees have a high workload and learning without incentives will not motivate them to go beyond routine stuff. Corporate APM training, initiated by the employer and conducted by experts in APM training, is the need for companies to have employees capable of handling complexities and delivering expected results. Going beyond, it is important for companies to also consider network performance training as an integral part of APM because the two are linked.

Training needs to be approached from several perspectives:

  • Expertise of trainer and customization of course content to suit the specific job responsibilities of employees is vital to success of the corporate training in APM program.
  • Convenience of employees needs to be considered as a factor to motivate them to be immersed in the learning experience. This means arranging on premise training or online training as may be suited to an employee that must be trained.
  • Objective of the company when it initiates training in APM for its employees must be achieved and for this the company works closely with its employees and with the corporate trainer.
  • Time required to bring employees up to speed is just as important as costs involved and the ongoing support. One cannot expect employees freshly out of training to be masters in APM — they will need handholding and the training institute must provide such ongoing support.

Corporate training may be expensive but it is an investment with multiple returns.

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