Guidewire Training Helps Insurance Companies Achieve Greater Productivity and Assure Customer Satisfaction

To say that the insurance sector is highly competitive is an understatement. Customers expect much more these days by way of prompt responses to inquiries to speedy settlement of claims. Given that an insurance company has limited human resource and must deal with hundreds of thousands of people and their issues, it can be quite taxing and nearly impossible were it not for the help of IT. Purpose built software for the insurance sector is the key to delivering customer satisfaction.

One such software is Guidewire Insurance Suite, a proven and purpose built package specifically for all insurance operations covering customers, transactions and financial side of the insurance. A comprehensive and complex package, Guidewire helps insurance companies take care of routine operations like addressing inquiries and initiating policy processes as well as claims management. At a higher level it is easy to derive insights on all aspects of operations across various branches and act on such data to adapt or improve processes that deliver a better customer experience. Of even more importance is the insights into trends that Guidewire delivers based on which an insurance company can take quick decisions to design suitable packages for customers.

However, success of the company depends on how well its employees are able to handle this sophisticated package. Personnel may have specific job responsibilities. Some may handle core practices such as policy administration, billing, payables, documents and commission. Others may handle data, digital aspects involving API, service portal and agent portal. A tool is only as good as the one who uses it and one cannot expect most people working in insurance companies to take time off their busy schedules to learn all the intricate features of Guidewires. A few IT personnel may take a personal interest in learning Guidewire on their own but no other staff members. It is in the interests of insurance companies that use Guidewire to go in for Guidewrie training for their personnel if they are to realize its full benefits.

How does it help?

  • Better informed and knowledgeable personnel can configure the system using visual configuration tools to better define product definitions, claim handling process, plans for billing, underwriting and rate tables. After training they have a better perspective of all that Guidewire can do.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention is another outcome as personne become more agile and expert at speedy responses to existing customer needs and drawing in potential customers.
  • Decision making improves as does operational performance because personnel become more adept at using the inbuilt decision making tools to optimize processes and derive insights.
  • Cross border business improves as personnel in insurance companies learn to leverage Guidewire’s features while factoring in local conventions and regulations.

Training empowers employees and helps spark a deeper interest in pursuing the path of becoming experts in Guidewire. All that a company needs to do is engage an online training institution to impart personnel specific customized training and success follows.


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