Challenges Associated With Travel Content Translation

Travel Translation Services

If there is one sector that requires the translation of texts to guarantee success, it is none other than the travel and tourism sector! The whole nature of the industry is based on reaching out to all languages in order to encourage people to travel across the globe. Hotel websites, brochures, magazines, tourist guides, and restaurant menus are just a few examples of the documents which require translations.

Professional Travel Translation Services: For Tourists & Businesses

Tourism spans the globe and caters to people from all corners of the world; it naturally involves multiple languages. Translation services for travel benefit customers, and therefore are also likely to boost business for tourism professionals willing to walk the extra mile to serve their customers.

Few Stats Indicating The Growth Of Travel Industry

According to the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations (UNWTO), international tourists arrivals around the world in 2017 increased by 7%, which is higher than the regular trend of 4%.

In 2017, tourists from China were the biggest spenders at $257.7 billion. The estimated global earning of the tourism sector at the end of 2017 was US$ 1,332 billion. This indicates that major international destinations are enjoying robust growth. Thus, travel website translation is an essential marketing tool in the travel industry to grow business. If your website is available only in one language, then it’s time for you to rethink on this.

Top 3 Challenges Of Travel Content Translation

Travel and tourism is a huge industry, and contributes nearly 10% of the total GDP of the world. Travel and tour offices can be found in many places worldwide and various languages. Still, the industry sees it very challenging to connect with their audiences. The only solution is to provide opportunities to widen the language abilities of the sector. Few of the main challenges associated with translation of travel and tourism content is mentioned below:

1. Difficulty In Translating The Content

New translators often make mistakes while translating for the travel industry, thinking it to be easy. When you use an online translation tool for your website, the organization will classify your site as ‘automatically generated content,’ and your search ranking performance will go down.

Travel companies should realize that the tourism industry content is a challenge to translate, and when the quality of the translation is poor, it can harm their reputation too. Therefore, professional translators must be hired to take up this work.

2. Culture Specific

Every aspect of the travel industry has its distinctive attributes that need creative solutions and more research. Some of the terms may be culture specific, such as locations and food. Translating these terms from one language to another could result in something unintelligible. Using the original terms is not enough, so the translator has to add explanations or a gloss to the translation so that it is easily understood.

3. Write Effectively

In most cases, translators translate the text literally, which results in an unappealing text to the readers. Writing for the travel industry requires creativity because the content has to appeal to the readers. Therefore, it must be convincing so they can persuade the prospective traveller to visit.

It is difficult to describe a destination when you are not able to see or experience whatever you are describing. Therefore, detailed research is a must in such a scenario.

Give Your Travel Website A Professional Touch

Tourism is a dynamic industry, and the information needs to be updated regularly. Without opting for professional tourism translation service, it would be difficult for the tourism industry to stay afloat — and traveling certainly would be a much higher challenge.

If you are in the travel industry, it is advisable to have a long-term collaboration with a professional language service provider to help you be in line with your customers.

We at, Bhasha Bharati are one of the top professional travel translation service providers in India with a rich experience of 50+ years in the industry. Our expert translators work with more than 100 language pairs, ensuring that your travel website could be available in all your target languages. is leading translation, Localization and Interpretation services provider in all Indian and foreign languages.

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