Hello from the other side

That loud thud was deafening,
 I finally reached my journey’s end.
 Much to her dismal, and my joy,
 Here I was, and no one could take me away,
 It didn’t seem that bad a place,
 As people had incessantly declared.
 Whatever it was now,
 My death, I had to fend,
 Seeing her everyday,
 From behind the stars and the moon,
 I wondered whether she still remembered me,
 Whether that love still bloomed.
 To answer questions, such as these,
 I thought of visiting her one day,
 But little did I know,
 My love was here to stay.
 I could see her, feel her,
 Wished she could do the same,
 As I lay next to her,
 I realized it was all part of a game.
 What I wanted I most certainly got,
 But with the loss of someone special,
 Death doesn’t seem so fascinating now,
 But maybe, just maybe it’s not the end after all!