Advantages and Disadvantages of Flutter App Development

Bhavya Kothari
May 6 · 3 min read

Ever since its debut in 2017, Flutter has become a buzz in the Mobile application development. Flutter app development is the new trend that has already attracted a huge amount of popularity in its very initial days and is sure to gain more. It uses the Dart programming language which is a very easy language for anyone who knows Java already. If you are planning to choose Flutter app development, let me make you a bit aware of the pros and the cons of the same.

Advantages of Flutter app development

1. Mobile apps are faster

2. Reactive framework

3. Great for MVP

4. Very few lines of code

5. Allows both Android and iOS app development

6. Reduces testing efforts

Disadvantages of Flutter app development

1. Limited support

2. Lacks flexibility with regards to a web app

3. Less continuous integration support

Flutter app development must be given a try. It is one amongst the top platforms for cross-platform app development. It paves way for the development of the apps which are much more responsive and smooth while scrolling than other apps built on other platforms. The craze of Flutter app development is sure to prevail for long. Thus hire flutter developers to take advantage of this current booming market trend.

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