This should probably be my back yard.

There has always been one thing I have been pretty good at. Yes, I am a day dreamer. I have always had this gift. I remember being early elementary age and struggling in school because I was too distracted in my mind coming up with crazy stories or just simply thinking about my life. I think we have all had that moment where we see a stranger and try to come up with our own story for their lives, what they did, their reactions to their surrounding situation, and who they were when they were younger. This is what I do pretty much every day. Stephen and I will actually make up voices and have our own conversation as them. We are our own entertainment.

me apparently being hipster before being hipster was hipster.

In high school I was that typical girl that just wasted away my days thinking about boys and who I would marry some day. But mainly Blink 182. Honestly I hated being that kid in class that would focus for like two minutes and the teacher would call on me and and say something like, “How do you think this character struggled in their life?” and I’m thinking, pretty much exactly how I am right now. This is my brain.

Graduation day. Singing in Choir with some of my friends. I’m pictured in bottom right corner.

I think as I got older I kind of suppressed my daydreaming to actually being in the moment because I had to deal with my responsibilities and provide all my needs. In the last year I recently just embraced who I am ( honestly, I’ve never struggled with this) and just totally allowed me to be me. I feel completely okay with what I like, what music I listen to, and the movies and shows I watch.(I’ve noticed a lot of people struggle in this area) I want to surround myself with comedy, artists, and storytellers. These things allow me to go to my “daydreaming state” and say, “YES! Someone understands me!” God really is okay with us daydreaming. I’m not saying don’t do your job or pay attention to your responsibilities, but we must have creative desires. I really believe a big way that God reveals himself to us is through our daydreaming state. I LOVE envisioning myself sitting with God by a beautiful lake by the mountains and just hanging out. I constantly day dream about all the places I want to travel (or maybe even live) the people I would like to meet, and the person I would like to become. I believe these daydreams can become reality. Why not have a wedding reception in Italy with sheep just flooding the hills of Tuscany? Why not spend an entire day with Lauren Graham in my living room talking about how our lives are drastically different? Why not ask Leo why he hasn’t married yet? When I’m on stage singing with Hanson will I actually be on key and harmonize correctly with Taylor? Do you think Kevin James and his wife constantly laugh? Why can’t I have my cake and eat it too?

The day I met Hanson. :D Still smiling. I am in between Isaac and Taylor.

I always picture myself as the main character in every book I read or movie I watch. I love having that time being someone else from a different time and place. One of my favorite things I dream about is having conversations with my future children! Daydreaming gives us vision and hope and burns our heart with passion to live our lives in such a way that only God could make it happen. So dream on. Write down these dreams you have and make them reality. In the words of Paramore, “It’s not a dream anymore.” Go ahead and dream your life away.

Beauty and the Beast changed my life forever. It was weird meeting myself at Disney.
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