Wednesday’s were pretty Normal

“Pain unifies every black, white, brown, or otherwise colored person”

“Pain is the common denominator of all humanity”

“ When things aren’t going well at home, when a wife grows cold and distant, when a man’s children refuse to respect and listen to him, the best and easiest way to forget about that reality is to forge himself a new one at the office.” There he can be valued. He can be listened to. He can be important. He can escape.”

“A man might be completely moral and totally Christian. And yet his world is crumbling around him. So he throws himself into church activity after church activity, leading one Bible study and prayer meeting after another, and yet he never confronts the pain he’s running from, Church can be medication too.”

These are a type of medication that we give ourselves to dull the pain of life, to alter reality. But really these things do not dull the pain of life, we might get some relief, but when we come back home we have our situation’s to deal with.

“ The common denominator of humanity is pain, then a valid question we must ask is what do we do with the pain.”

“At the end there’s God. He’s the one in control. He’s the only being in the universe that is sovereign.”

“ God gathers up our tears and holds them in his hand.”

“God is the healer of the soul.”

“ When we are willing to push past the medication, to embrace the pain and the questions coming with it, we don’t necessarily find all the answers- but we find God.

I have found at time’s that God could not take away my pain, but he was there to cry alongside me.

Those tears of the divine were more meaningful than any answers we might have received.

“We medicate, dripping spiritual and emotional morphine into ourselves so we don’t have to face the ultimate reality of an uncomfortable conversation with an uncomfortable God.”

So often we try to dull the pain of life, we try to cut it off just like a limb of our body that is damage. There are times in our life where we need to embrace the pain, feel the pain not numb it all the time. That is where our healing begins. In my personal testimony, the only way I could get healing from something was for me to feel the brokeness, to let God walk me through it, to let my heart break. It is ok to hurt sometimes, it is ok to break down and let God work in your life. I have seen people in church show all the signs of pain and hurt, but never let it take over them and break them, so that God could pick up the pieces and rebuild. My advice today is let God break you and mold you into who he wants you to be. In the end you will come out stronger.

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